BLOCK-iT™ RNAi Designer and RNAi Express Help Desk

BLOCK-iT™ RNAi Designer is a Web tool for designing and ordering custom synthetic siRNA, Stealth RNAi™ siRNA, shRNA, or miR RNAi oligonucleotides from nucleotide target sequences. You can also convert an siRNA sequence into a Stealth RNAi™ siRNA or shRNA insert sequence. After you enter your target sequence and design parameters, the Designer will generate several RNAi designs ranked by their probability of successful gene knockdown. When you have made your selections, you can proceed to an ordering page where you select the synthesis options for the oligos.

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Stealth RNAi™ siRNA



miR RNAi

Convert siRNA to Stealth RNA™ siRNA

Convert siRNA to shRNA


BLOCK-iT™ RNAi Express is a Web tool for finding and ordering Validated Stealth RNAi™ siRNA, Stealth Select RNAi™ duplexes, BLOCK-iT™ Pol II miR Validated miRNA Vector DuoPaks, and BLOCK-iT™ miR RNAi Select hairpins for your genes of interest. Using RNAi Express, you can search for these products by gene symbol, ID number, keyword, or other identifier, or you can browse by biological pathway or gene family.

You can also use BLOCK-iT™ RNAi Express to order in vivo-purity Stealth RNAi™ siRNA and BLOCK-iT™ siRNA duplexes, as well as controls.

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BLOCK iT™ RNAi Express

In Vivo-purity Stealth RNAi™ siRNA and BLOCK-iT™ siRNA Duplexes